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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about We Experience.

About We Experience.

We Experience is a service in the "We Connect Go" app. We Experience wants to make your everyday life easier with small experiences, sending you relevant recommendations at the right time. These exclusive recommendations include a coupon code that you can use to redeem the recommendation with the relevant trading partner.

You can activate We Experience at any time in the We Connect Go app settings. A separate login is not required; all you have to do is give your consent to data processing by moving the slider to the right.

We Experience is currently available in Germany and Spain.

You can deactivate We Experience at any time in the We Connect Go app settings.

No, We Experience is a free service.

No, We Experience is a free service that you can deactivate at any time.

You can find a list of current trading partners on the Volkswagen We website.

We are constantly working to improve our service and also to add trading partners.

Viewing and rating a recommendation.

A recommendation can appear when you end a journey, when you open the We Connect Go app or when you are connected to a WLAN.

No. No recommendations will be sent while you are driving.

This depends on various conditions: first of all, you need to be near one of our partners. Factors such as the time of day, the weather, the day of the week, your fuel tank level etc. may also influence whether a recommendation is sent or not. This is how we ensure that you only receive recommendations that are relevant to you.

No. So that you only receive relevant recommendations, our algorithm determines how many recommendations are suitable for you.

Recommendations appear in blue speech bubbles on the bottom left of the We Connect Go app or as a push notification on your lock screen if you have activated push notifications in the We Connect Go app.

All the recommendations you've received will be saved automatically in your history so that you can call them up again later. You'll find your history under "Your recommendations" in the We Experience tile on the We Connect Go home screen.

Under "Your recommendations" in the We Connect Go app you will only find recommendations that are still valid. Expired recommendations will be deleted automatically.

If you are interested in a recommendation, you can click either on the push notification or the image in the speech bubble and you will see all the details of the recommendation, including products, in a pop-up.

You will find a logo of the partner who is making this recommendation at the top of the detailed view of the recommendation.

You'll find two buttons on the detailed view of the recommendation that you can use to rate a recommendation as positive (thumbs up) or negative (thumbs down).

If you rate a recommendation as positive, We Experience notes that you liked it and you will receive similar recommendations occasionally in future. If you rate a recommendation as negative, you will receive fewer recommendations like this in future.

No, that is currently not possible. However, we are working to make it possible for you to set your preferences in future. Until then, use the rating function in the detailed view of the recommendation.

First, check whether you are in a country where We Experience is available. Then make sure your smartphone’s GPS is activated. If you still do not receive any recommendations, it might be because you are not located near one of our trading partners or that no relevant recommendation is available for you at the time.

This might be because you deactivated push notifications in the We Connect Go app settings.

Redeeming a recommendation.

Click on the "Redeem coupon" button in the detailed view of the recommendation. You will then see a coupon code (e.g. a barcode, numerical code or a code using other characters). Take the coupon code to the partner's location and show it to a member of staff there.

You will find the recommendation expiry date in the detailed view of the recommendation.

You can redeem a recommendation at the relevant partner's location, as shown under Route in the detailed view. You can use this to navigate to the location.

This depends on the partner who issued the voucher code.

It is up to the relevant partner how often you can redeem coupon codes.

No. To use a voucher code, you just have to comply with the terms and conditions of the voucher.

Your coupon code wasn't recognised? We are sorry to hear that. We cannot assume any liability relating to the validity and redemption of our partners' coupon codes.

Data protection.

You can view the We Experience Privacy Policy and consent at any time on the Volkswagen We website. You can also find the We Experience Privacy Policy under "Site notice and legal information" in the We Connect Go app.

You can deactivate We Experience at any time in the We Connect Go app settings and thereby withdraw your consent.

Personal data will not be passed on to trade partners. Our data processor IBM Deutschland GmbH hosts our data, which means we forward your data to IBM under a pseudonym. For further information, please refer to the We Experience Privacy Policy.

Technical queries.

To use We Experience, you have to be logged into We Connect Gowith your Volkswagen ID. Your smartphone’s GPS also has to be activated. In order for We Experience to provide you with added service, it is an advantage if the DataPlug is connected to We Connect Go.

Since We Experience is part of the We Connect Go app, We Experience works on all devices which also run We Connect Go. We Connect Go is currently available for smartphones with an Android operating system (version > 5.0) or an iOS operating system (version iOS 9.0 or higher).

We Experience is not a separate app, but a service within the "We Connect Go" app. When you download the We Connect Go app from the store and register or log in with your Volkswagen ID, a notification will appear on your We Connect Go home screen stating that We Experience is now available in We Connect Go. Now you can activate We Experience.

You can download the We Connect Go app from the Google Play app store or the Apple app store.