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Photo copyright Jan Michaelko

Volkswagen We at re:publica 19.

We had a great time at re:publica 19 and enjoyed the chance to talk to all of you and discuss several hot topics! Missed your chance? No problem. Just visit us in our We Space!

Visit us in Berlin

At re:publica, we presented our digital ecosystem and showed you what our services and apps can do by now and what they will be able to do in the near future. Since we are always looking for young talent interested in working with us, this was also about recruitment. If digital affairs are not only your private, but also your professional passion, make sure to check us out! We also wanted to find out what you think of us, what you like about us and what you think we can improve. We call this “We Listen”. It is only through your feedback that we will be able to continue to evolve optimally!

On Tuesday, May 7, our team members Eleonora Scherl and Benjamin Kranz were live on stage and gave a presentation titled “Lean Beyond Scrum” in which they explained why the roles of Scrum Master and Product Owner need to be thought over.

re:publica 2019 took place from May 6-8 in the STATION Berlin. This year’s motto was tl;dr, which is internet slang for “too long; didn’t read”. With this motto, the organizers wanted to highlight the importance of research, of small print, and the necessity to critically challenge things, especially controversial topics¹.

Photos copyright Jan Zappner